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What services do you offer at Surprise Singers?


You may have encountered ‘Singing Waiters’ before perhaps at a wedding or corporate function. Here at Surprise Singers we can either pose as waiters, guests or even a professional videographer!


Generally when you book us for your special event we liaise directly with the venue so that we can make sure they know exactly what is going on and we know what to wear in order to ‘blend in’ to whatever character we’re playing. We arrive early before any of your guests are there in order to set up our PA system and do a quick sound check. We then disappear once the guests arrive and reappear throughout the reception drinks/meal posing as waiters (or guests etc). We undertake simple tasks such as pouring drinks, serving canapés or serving starters etc. Then, during the meal (often towards the end of the main course) we will gently interrupt proceedings before breaking out into song! We use the entire room and interact with the guests so that everyone feels involved.

How long does the performance last?


Our standard performance lasts for approximately 15 minutes. We find that 4 songs generally works best, sometimes with an encore if the guests are in the mood! 

What repertoire do you sing? 


We perform a real mix of repertoire. Often a set will include well-known Musical Theatre songs, Up-tempo Pop songs and even some Opera! When you contact us for a quote we will send you through a list of the repertoire we sing and if there’s a particular song you would really like we can learn that too (time permitting). 


What are your prices? 


Our packages start from just £1250 for three singers. There are some companies that use two singers but we have found that three is the perfect number as it increases the ‘surprise’ factor and also allows one person to always be operating the PA system. It also means that clients get a lovely mix of voices and repertoire! Of course, if your event is in a more intimate space or you have a very tight budget you can always contact us and we can provide you with a quote for two singers. 


Why choose Surprise Singers?


Our prices are highly competitive for what we offer. We are all highly trained, professional singers who have worked on the West End and prestigious cruise ships. Because of this, we are incredibly adaptable and can cater our performance to suit your tastes. Also, because of our training we all have incredible stagecraft, which is key when performing a surprise act as we need to be convincing as waiters/guests etc but also capture and hold everyone’s attention once the performance begins.

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